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How Do I Break In

Reader Question: So how do I break in?

READER: I noticed this in your about me section:  "I’ve been hired for a variety of small rewrites and polishes, but none of my features have been produced." Damn if even you haven't gotten produced, this business must be really hard. Any tips of getting your spec produced? Are you saying sometimes even … Read More


LA Confidential Beat Sheet

L.A. Confidential

Director Curtis Hanson and his co-writer, Brian Helgeland, have taken a massively complex novel by James Ellroy and boiled it down to a no-flab … Read More

Vertigo Analysis


At the very beginning of the movie, we see Scottie vaulting across rooftops, struggling to keep up with the policeman ahead of him as he realizes … Read More


Gravity Beat Sheet


Written by Alfonso Cuarón & Jonás Cuarón Directed by Alfonso Cuarón Running time: 84 minutes Year: 2013 Click Here To Download the Script (PDF) BASIC STORY MAP PROTAGONIST: Dr. Ryan Stone, medical … Read More

Dallas Buyers Club Beat Sheet

Dallas Buyers Club

Written by Craig Borten and Melisa Wallack Directed by Jean-Marc Vallée Running time: 113 minutes Year: 2013 Download the Script (PDF) BASIC STORY MAP PROTAGONIST: Ron Woodroof, 40s, electrician … Read More

Fletch Beat Sheet


Screenplay by Andrew Bergman Based on the novel by Gregory McDonald Directed by Michael Ritchie Running time: 105 minutes Year: 1985 BASIC STORY MAP PROTAGONIST: Irwin “Fletch” Fletcher, 40s, … Read More

American Gangster Beat Sheet

American Gangster

Screenplay by Steven Zaillian Directed by Ridley Scott Running time: 150 minutes Year: 2007 BASIC TWO PROTAGONIST STORY MAP PROTAGONIST: Frank Lucas CHARACTERIZATION/MAIN MISBEHAVIOR: Business-minded | … Read More