John Hughes Interview

A rare interview with John Hughes from 1985. After beginning his career in advertising, Hughes would take a meager-paying writing job with National Lampoon for a nickel per word. At National Lampoon, he wrote Vacation ’58, a short story about a family vacation to Disneyland, with one of the best opening lines of all time:

If Dad hadn’t shot Walt Disney in the leg, it would have been our best vacation ever!

That story would eventually transform into National Lampoon’s Vacation, earning Hughes the ability to jump into the director’s chair. The interview touches on Class Reunion, Mr. Mom, Sixteen Candles, and Pretty in Pink, spending a good amount of time on The Breakfast Club. Unfortunately, there’s no commentary on my favorite film from the man, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, as it wouldn’t be made for a couple more years. It’s cut short at the end, but still is worth the 46 plus minutes available.

GoIntoStory via FilmMakerIQ.

William Robert Rich
William Robert Rich

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