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Screenwriter Christine Conradt

This began with a simple email asking Christine if she’d like to join an upcoming podcast. When she replied me-mentioning the name of a film she’d be willing to discuss, I knew I wouldn’t have any problem getting Dan on board. The thought was to analyze one film over the course of our conversation. It started out great, but around minute twenty I realized we hadn’t begun to talk about the film at all. So we went with it. Christine offered up advice on some of the new possibilities out there for aspiring screenwriters, segments of the industry seeking lower-budget material, networking (and a few places to do it), and most important, craft. The conversation even veers off into Nolan territory for awhile, a few thoughts on Zach Braff and Kickstarter, and Christine’s latest spec, which could soon become her directorial debut.

This was a welcome departure from our normal routine. There’s a lot of great advice here from Christine, so I’m sure you guys will enjoy it. On a side note, she offers script coaching services on her website, and after talking through a sequence-by-sequence breakdown of an extremely complex and unconventional narrative, I can tell you she’s probably pretty damn good at it. She’ll be returning for our next podcast, so keep an eye out. You can learn more about Christine by visiting her website, ChristineConradt.com.

Listen to our conversation with Christine Conradt

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