Network Screenplay Howard Beale

I’ve heard every line from that film in real life. 1

~Gore Vidal about Network

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  1. Considine, Shaun. Mad as Hell: the Life and Work of Paddy Chayefsky. Lincoln, Neb.:, 2000. Print. Link.
William Robert Rich
William Robert Rich

William Robert Rich is a story analyst, screenwriter, and co-author of Story Maps: The Films of Christopher Nolan. He's currently based in Austin, Texas.

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  1. I have recently finished writing a critique on the performances of Peter Finch and Faye Dunaway in this superb film which almost defies credulity with its superlative dialogue and acting. Miss Dunaway left me speechless with her flawlessness, totally ‘in the moment’ with each word and gesture; one of the premiere film performances of the past century, comparable to Joanne Woodward’s in “The Three Faces of Eve”. Peter Finch’s performance defies description with its generosity and pure believably. A magnificent film and Chayefsky and Lumet and Beatty should ALL have won oscars !!!

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