Screenplay Analysis

There’s a good number of people out there offering to “cover” your screenplay. I’m not a fan of coverage. I’m sure it’s good tool for a studio or production company, but I’ve always associated it with a grade, and screenplays, like any art, are just too damn subjective for that. My screenwriting friends and I never cover each others’ scripts. We give notes.

Before I get around to my notes, I’d like to tell you a couple things about me:

  • Though I do not have a produced credit, I’ve been paid to write.
  • I’ve performed written analysis (similar to what you’ll find here) on over 100 of my favorite films.


There’s no paradox of choice here. It’s simple. I offer notes. You’ll receive over 2,000 words of analysis on your screenplay. I’ll break down your story, characters, structure, dialogue, and theme, and tell you what I believe is working and what I believe is not. On those pieces that need improvement, I’ll offer suggestions on how you can improve them.




You’ll receive your notes in less than ten days.


I only accept Paypal for payment.

If you’re ready to begin or have any questions, please fill out the form below.