Beat Sheet

Learn how to write a screenplay through detailed beat sheets of your favorite movies!

Gladiator Beat Sheet

Gladiator Beat Sheet

Gladiator Screenplay by David Franzoni and John Logan and William NicholsonStory by David FranzoniDirected by Ridley ScottRunning time: 149 minutesYear: 2000 PROTAGONIST: Maximus, 30s, former General in the Roman army turned slave / gladiatorCHARACTERIZATION/MAIN MISBEHAVIOR: Warrior / Distrust of politiciansEXTERNAL…

Drive Screenplay

Drive Beat Sheet

Drive Written by Hossein AminiBased on the novel by James SallisDirected by Nicolas Winding RefnRunning time: 96 minutesYear: 2011 Drive: Basic Story Map PROTAGONIST: Driver, 20s, getaway driver, stunt driver, mechanicCHARACTERIZATION/MAIN MISBEHAVIOR: loner / violentEXTERNAL GOAL: To care for Irene…