The Incredible Hulk Beat Sheet

The Incredible Hulk

Screenplay by Zak Penn
Uncredited draft by Edward Norton
Directed by Louis Leterrier
Running time: 105 minutes


The Incredible Hulk Basic Story Map
PROTAGONIST: Bruce Banner / The Hulk
EXTERNAL GOAL: To cure himself of the Hulk
INTERNAL GOAL: To control his anger
MAIN DRAMATIC CONFLICT: Ross | Blonsky / Abomination
THEME: Even the biggest tempers can be controlled.
CENTRAL DRAMATIC QUESTION: Will Banner be able to control the Hulk?
ENDING: Banner controls the Hulk.
ARC: Banner goes from a man who cannot control his transformation into the Hulk to a man who can transform by his own free will.


The Incredible Hulk Story Engines


While hiding out in Brazil and working on a cure for the Hulk, Banner receives word from the mysterious Mr. Blue that more data is needed for a potential cure. General Ross tracks Banner and a chase ensues led by a special forces ace named Emil Blonsky. Banner transforms into the Hulk, tears apart his aggressors, and escapes. The next day, he wakes in a rainforest, intent on making his way back to the States.


Back in the States, Betty Ross gives Banner the data he needs for Blue’s potential cure. Later, Ross tracks Banner and triggers his transformation into the Hulk. The Hulk takes out Ross’ forces, cripples Blonsky. Betty calms the Hulk, but they are both fired upon by a Gunship. The Hulk protects Betty, takes out the Gunship, and escapes.


Banner meets Blue (Dr. Samuel Sterns), undergoes a procedure that represses the Hulk, and seemingly cures him of his gamma poisoning. Later, he discovers Sterns has replicated his blood for the cure. He demands they destroy it, as Ross is intent on using it for a super soldier serum, but before anything can be done, Banner is tranq’d and Ross’ men infiltrate the lab.


Blonsky forces Sterns to use Banner’s blood and turn him into the Abomination. The Abomination then takes to the streets, leaving a wake of death and destruction. Knowing that the Hulk is the best shot they have, Ross lets Banner loose and the Hulk and Abomination face off. After a fierce battle, the Hulk gains the upper hand. Betty screams at the Hulk to stop before killing the Abomination, which he does.


Banner lives in a remote cabin in the British Columbian wilderness. He meditates and his pulse rises. His pupils turn green and he smiles: He can now control the Hulk by his own free will.


The Incredible Hulk Full Story Map


Sequence I: Bruce Banner is exposed to gamma radiation, which turns him into a big green rage monster known as the Hulk. He is unable to control the monster, leaving injury, death, and destruction in his wake. He is forced to run, considered a fugitive from justice.

1-3 – Title sequence replays the events of Banner’s gamma exposure; the event that turns Banner into a monster known as the Hulk. When the Hulk attempts to escape, he injures Betty Ross and her father General Ross. The backstory is altered from the comics. Here, Ross uses Banner to restart Dr. Erskine’s failed “Super Soldier” program that created Captain America. In the aftermath, Banner becomes a fugitive on the run from Ross and the United States government.


Sequence II: Living in Brazil, Banner works at a bottling plant. He slices his finger fixing machinery and inadvertently contaminates a bottle headed for the United States.
The Incredible Hulk Beat Sheet Opening Images
4 – OPENING IMAGES: A metronome. BRUCE BANNER works to control his breathing/pulse.

SUPERIMPOSE: Days without incident -- 158.

4 – Banner overlooks the poverty-stricken, tin-roof town of Rocinha Favela, Brazil.

5 – A bare bones apartment. Banner’s only companion is a STRAY DOG. He reads from a Portuguese/English dictionary, watches Sesame Street in Portuguese.

6 – Banner trains with an AIKIDO INSTRUCTOR. They work on deflecting attacks and breathing exercises.


(in Portuguese)

The best way to control your anger is to control your body.

6 – The Instructor slaps Banner’s face. With a close eye on his pulse monitor, Banner attempts to control his pulse through breathing. The Instructor slaps him again, this time, much harder. Banner tries to keep cool, but his pulse continues to rise, gestures for the Instructor to stop.

7 – In the locker room of a bottling plant, Banner changes into his work uniform. FOUR TOUGH GUYS walk past and one bumps into him on purpose. Banner ignores the incident.

7 – Banner works inside the plant, supplies line workers. A PRETTY YOUNG WOMAN has interest in him, but he remains distant.

8 – While Banner fixes machinery, THE MANAGER comments that Banner is too smart for day labor. As Banner reassembles the machine, he slices his finger. The blood from his finger drips to a conveyor belt below, Banner orders the workers to shut down the line.

9 – On the conveyor belt with the empty bottles, Banner finds his blood. He cleans the area and applies super glue to his finger.

9 – The camera reveals that Banner missed some blood, which dropped into a bottle. The bottle is filled with liquid, packaged, and staged for shipment to the United States.

10 – The TOUGH GUY who bumped into Banner earlier makes unwelcome advances on the Pretty Young Woman. Banner attempts to pull her away, but the Tough Guy won’t have it. Seconds before a fight breaks out, the Manager steps in, Banner walks away with the Pretty Young Woman, MARTINA.


Sequence III: Over a secured messenger, Banner works the mysterious Mr. Blue to get rid of the Hulk. Their experiment fails, Blue suggests they meet.

11 – In a market place, Banner receives an item from a SHOP OWNER.

11 – Back at his apartment, Banner holds the package for his dog to see, calling it “the ticket outta here.”

11 – Banner pulls out a laptop and satellite link. On an encrypted instant messenger, he communicates with MR. BLUE. Banner types that he’s “found it.” Blue comments to “take a high dose” and wishes him luck. The item is revealed to be a flower.

12 – MONTAGE: Banner extracts a chemical from the flower, then pricks his finger. With his blood on a glass slide, he applies one drop of the extracted chemical. Under a microscope, his blood has green cells. Once the reaction begins, the blood cells turn to red, but is quickly overtaken with green again. Banner’s discouraged with the results.

13 – Back on the computer, Banner communicates with Mr. Blue, calling the experiment “another failure.” Blue suggests it time to meet.


GREEN: Not safe.

BLUE: Living with GAMMA poisoning not safe.

BLUE: Stop chasing flowers

BLUE: Send me a blood sample

BLUE: Can’t help if you won’t let me.

13 – Banner stares at a picture of Betty Ross. He extracts a vial of his blood. He labels it “MR. GREEN” and packages it for shipment.

13 – Banner ships the item to Mr. Blue in NYC.


Sequence IV: General Ross brings in a Special Forces team led by Emil Blonsky to “snatch and grab” Banner in Brazil. Banner receives word from Blue that his tests have seen a reduction in gamma radiation, but more data is needed for a cure. Later, the commandos breach Banner’s apartment, force him to run.

14 – MAJOR KATHLEEN SPARR briefs GENERAL ROSS on possible gamma sickness in Milwaukee from a guarana soda packaged in Brazil. Ross orders a search for a white man in the plant.

15 – GENERAL JOE GELLAR has assembled a team for Ross. As a helicopter arrives at Special Forces Base, Gellar comments to Ross that he’s pulled in “an ace.”

15 – EMIL BLONSKY steps out of the helicopter. Gellar briefs Ross on Blonsky: “Born in Russia, raised in England…on loan to SOCOM from the Royal Marines.”

16 – On a C-130, Blonsky and the other COMMANDOS are briefed by Sparr: ”Snatch and grab, live capture.” Flipping through the dossier, Blonsky spots a picture of Banner.


Is he a fighter?


Your target is a fugitive from the US government who stole military secrets. He is also implicated in the deaths of two scientists, a military officer, an Idaho state trooper, and possibly two Canadian hunters, so don’t wait to se if he’s a fighter! Tranq him and bring him back.

The Incredible Hulk Beat Sheet Inciting Incident

16 – INCITING INCIDENT: Banner receives word from Mr. Blue that his tests have a significant gamma reduction: a potential cure. But Blue needs more data from Banner’s gamma poisoning. When Blue asks where the data is, Banner looks at a picture of Betty Ross and types “home.”

17 – A dog barks as commandos arrive outside Banner’s apartment.

17 – Half asleep, Banner is alerted when the muffled barks of a dog are abruptly silenced.

17 – The commandos step over a tranq’d dog, enter the building.

18 – The commandos breach Banner’s apartment, firing tranq darts into a mass on the bed. Blonsky pulls back the sheets, finds a wig, and a few pillows.


Sequence V: While Banner is pursued by the commandos, he accidentally bumps into the tough guys from the bottling plant. Both of his pursuers chase him into the plant, where Banner is caught by the tough guys, and after being roughed-up, turns into the Hulk. The Hulk tears apart his aggressors and escapes the plant. Though shaken, Blonsky is the only one to come out unharmed.

18-19 – Narrowly missing the commandos, Banner climbs into the apartment below as the beautiful Martina steps out of the shower. He manages to silence her surprise, but before he can leave, he’s spotted by Blonsky and a chase ensues.

20 – Banner is forced to stop when his pulse climbs too high. As he concentrates on his breathing, Blonsky spots him again. Before Blonsky can shoot, Banner sees him and the chase ensues again.

21 – A black van cuts off Banner’s path. Ross steps out and his eyes meet with Banner’s. Ross smiles and Banner runs.

21 – Banner accidentally runs into the tough guys from the plant. When they attack, he flees into the bottling plant with both pursuers following.

23 – Attempting to exit the plant, Banner is caught by the tough guys.

23 – The commandos breach the plant, search for Banner.

23 – The commandos get a visual on Banner and the tough guys as Banner’s pulse skyrockets.

23 – Banner spots the commandos and takes a punch to the stomach. His pulse climbs past the point of no return…

The Incredible Hulk Beat Sheet Strong Movement Forward

24 – STRONG MOVEMENT FORWARD: Banner’s eyes turn green — a ROAR OF RAGE stops everyone dead in their tracks.

24 – Through his night vision googles, a commando witnesses Banner’s transformation.

24 – From the shadows, a LARGE FIGURE throws one of the tough guys across the plant like he was a ball.

25 – The commandos spot THE HULK, immediately switch to live ammo.

26 – The commandos throw a flash grenade at theHulk. After it detonates, silence… but then the Hulk hurls a steel tanker of guarana juice, takes out a few commandos.

27 – Positioned on the catwalk, Blonsky opens fire on the Hulk, but his bullets do nothing. The two make eye contact and Hulk tosses a fork lift, narrowly misses Blonsky.

27 – Using a huge machine block, Hulk breaks open a large wall and escapes the plant.


Sequence VI: Blonsky learns from Ross that the Hulk is Banner. Later, Banner wakes in a Guatemalan rainforest, intent on finding his way back to the States.

28 – Searching Banner’s apartment, Blonsky questions Ross over the mission.


He was not alone, sir. We had him. And then something hit us, something... something big hit us.


It threw a forklift truck like it was a softball!


It was the most powerful thing I’ve ever seen.


Well, it’s gone.


Well, if Banner knows what it is, I’m gonna track him down, I’m gonna put my foot on his throat, and I’m gonna --


That was Banner.

The Incredible Hulk Beat Sheet End of Act One Turn

29 – END OF ACT ONE TURN: Banner wakes in a South American rainforest, cold and wet, holding up his only clothing, a pair of ripped pants.

SUPERIMPOSE: Days without incident -- 1.

30 – DECISION: Banner locates a road and stops a logging truck. He attempts to speak Portuguese, but the DRIVER only speaks Spanish; He’s in Guatemala. The driver agrees to take Banner into town.


(in Spanish)

Where are you going?


(in Spanish)



Sequence I: Banner makes his way through South America to the States and to his old university. There, he attempts to access his data for Mr. Blue, but discovers it’s gone. Mr. Blue comments that without the data, a cure isn’t possible.

31 – Back in the States, Blonsky tells Ross that he wants in on capturing Banner.

32 – Banner makes his way into Mexico, begs for money.

32 – Banner sleeps on the streets, wakes from a nightmare of Blonsky shooting at him.

34 – Ross briefs Blonsky on a top secret Super Soldier program. Unbeknownst to Banner, Ross manipulated him into working on the project that created the Hulk. Ross gauges Blonsky’s character, telling him he should be a Colonel instead of a grunt.


I’m a fighter. I’ll be one for as long as I can. You know, if I could take what I know now, put it in the body I had ten years ago, that would be someone I wouldn’t want to fight.


I could probably arrange something like that.

35 – Banner makes his way to Culver University in Virginia (this is where the data is held that he needs to give to Mr. Blue for the potential cure). There is security on the university; it won’t be easy to get into his old lab.

37 – On the campus, he spots BETTY ROSS and discovers she’s in a relationship.

38 – Banner stops by Stan’s Pizza and talks to the owner, an old friend named STAN. Stan informs Banner that Betty’s in a relationship with a psychiatrist, someone he calls “a good man.” Stan offers Banner a room, which Banner accepts. Banner asks for one favor in return…

38 – A SECURITY GUARD (Lou Ferigno) lets Banner, disguised as a pizza deliveryman, into his old lab.

40 – Using Betty’s login and password, Banner accesses a computer in the lab and searches the records, but no data can be found. He starts a chat with Mr. Blue and Blue comments without the data, there’s nothing he can do.


Sequence II: Banner and Betty cross paths, she gives him the data he needs for Blue’s cure. Back at the base, Ross oversees Blonsky receiving a low dose of Super-Soldier serum.

40 – Back at Stan’s, Banner packs his things to leave.

41 – Stan’s greeted by late night diners, Betty and her new boyfriend DR. SAMSON.

42 – As Banner comes down to say goodbye, he’s spotted by Betty. Banner runs. Betty chases after him, but he’s too quick and she can’t find him.

42 – Betty rushes back inside to question Stan. Stan remains quiet.

44 – Betty finds Banner on the road attempting to hitchhike. They embrace. She begs him to come back and he agrees.

The Incredible Hulk Beat Sheet First Trial

45 – FIRST TRIAL: Betty brings Banner back to her place, gives him the data he needs. She begs him to talk with her father, but he tells her of Ross’s plan to replicate the Hulk, make it a weapon.

45 – On the base, Ross takes a vial from one of Dr. Erskine’s containers in storage.

46 – Betty makes Banner a bed in her study. He informs her that he must leave the next day and asks for cash. Without hesitating, she agrees. Later, they both are unable to sleep.

47 – Ross gives Blonsky a “low dose” of Dr. Erskine’s serum. He wants Blonsky sharp and disciplined. Any uncontrolled action will put Blonsky off the team. Blonsky agrees.

48 – Blonsky’s given two infusions: one into the deep muscle and the other into the bone marrow centres. The bone marrow injections are extremely painful.


Sequence III: On his way out of town, Banner is tracked down by Ross. After swallowing the zip drive of his data, he becomes trapped. Ross, in an effort to subdue Banner, transforms him into the Hulk. The Hulk takes out Ross’ forces, including crippling the super-soldier Blonsky. Betty approaches the Hulk, which seems to calm him, but they are both fired upon by a Gunship. Hulk takes out the Gunship, protects Betty from harm, and escapes with her.

49 – Banner and Betty walk through the university on their way to the bus station. As they share a parting moment, Banner notices troops: Ross has come for him. Banner tells Betty to run and sprints away as a storm of humvees, tanks, and troops converge on him.

50 – Banner hides in the library for enough time to swallow the zip drive with his data.

51 – Betty stops a tank and begs her father to stop.

52 – Banner becomes locked in an overpass between two buildings. Ross orders two canisters of gas into it. Banner attempts to hold his breath, delaying the inevitable. The overpass fills with gas and transforms him into the Hulk.

53 – The Hulk breaks out of the overpass. Ross’ men open fire, but it does no good. The Hulk takes out troops and humvees like they were toys.

55 – Blonsky, now with super speed and strength, takes on the Hulk with a grenade launcher. Ineffective at subduing him, Blonsky becomes trapped, but manages to make his way out. Ross is amazed; no one has done this before.

55 – At Ross’ command, Blonsky lures the Hulk into the fire of two sonic cannons, rendering the Hulk incapacitated.

56 – Hulk uses all his strength, takes out both cannons. Ross calls in the Gunship.

57 – Ross orders Blonsky to not engage the Hulk, but Blonsky ignores the command. Blonsky stands toe to toe with the Hulk and gets kicked in the chest, which sends him rocketing across the battleground and crashing into a tree.

58 – Betty approaches the Hulk, which seems to temper his rage, but it’s all cut short as the Gunship, unable to see Betty, opens fire. The Hulk shields Betty with his body and hurls a massive chunk of metal, which collides into the Gunship. It crashes into the ground, flames engulf the Hulk and Betty, but, once again, Hulk shields Betty.

The Incredible Hulk Beat Sheet Midpoint

59 – MIDPOINT: The flames subside as rain begins to pour. The Hulk holds Betty unconscious, glares at Ross, and flees with her in his arms.


Sequence I: As Banner and Betty form a plan to reach Mr. Blue in a hotel, Blonsky remarkably recovers from his injuries.

59 – Back at Betty’s house, it’s revealed that her boyfriend Dr. Samson tipped off Ross. Samson is beat up over his decision. Ross approaches…


I need to know where they’re going. She’ll be in incredible danger as long as she’s with him.


From who?


He protected her. You almost killed her.


I give you my word, her safety is my main concern at this point.


You know, it’s a point of professional pride with me that I can always tell when somebody’s lying. And you are.

62 – The Hulk takes Betty to a mountainside cave for shelter. She wakes and they watch the thunderstorm together.

63 – Ross visits Blonsky at the hospital. The doctor comments that all his bones “look like crushed gravel.” Further, the doctor states that Blonsky has a heart like none he’s ever seen before. Ross takes one look at Blonsky and leaves the room. Blonksy’s finger begins to twitch. As it forms into a fist, he opens his eyes.

64 – Banner and Betty lodge at a hotel. In the shower, Banner’s PTSD rears its ugly head with the shower head turning into the machine guns off the Gunship.

65 – Betty comes back to the hotel room with new clothes for Banner and a new pulse monitor.

65 – Ross watches a news report over the incident at the University. A college student, Jack McGhee, is interviewed by the local news. They identify him as a “reporter for the campus paper” as they show footage of the incident he captured with his cell phone.

67 – Betty cutting Banner’s hair is all the foreplay they need, but it doesn’t get that far when Banner’s pulse skyrockets.

68 – Ross is alerted by Cabot to check on Blonsky immediately. Ross finds Blonsky in top shape, as if nothing happened.


How do you feel?


Pissed off and ready for round three.


Sequence II: Banner sends his data to Mr. Blue, but S.H.I.E.L.D intercepts the communication and their eventual destination. They arrive and Banner finally meets Mr. Blue whose real name is Dr. Samuel Sterns. Sterns advises that his treatment for curing Banner of the Hulk could kill Banner.

69 – Banner and Betty prepare to leave. She offers to sell her dead mother’s necklace to get them to Mr. Blue. Banner is hesitant, but she insists.

70 – Ross’ men are briefed on Banner. Ross insists Banner will be easy to find because he’s looking for help. Ross knows the aliases Mr. Green and Mr. Blue.

The Incredible Hulk Beat Sheet Assumption of Power

70 – ASSUMPTION OF POWER: At a gas station, Banner uses a computer and sends Mr. Blue an email with the data from the zip drive.

71 – S.H.I.E.L.D. intercepts Banner’s email to Mr. Blue and immediately identifies him as Dr. Samuel Sterns of Grayburn College’s Cellular Biology Department.

71 – Banner and Betty buy an old truck.

71 – In the truck, Betty asks what it’s like being the Hulk. Banner compares it to induced hallucinations, but a thousand times amplified. He only remember fragments and images. She confesses that she felt that the Hulk knew her.


In the cave, I really felt like it knew me. Maybe your mind is in there, but it’s just overcharged and can’t process what’s happening.


I don’t want to control it. I want to get rid of it.

72 – Blonsky volunteers for another procedure. Ross supervises.

73 – Banner and Betty attempt to get into the city, but there’s a roadblock setup for them. They abandon the truck and pay a man with a boat to sneak them into NYC.

74 – Not so funny scene with Banner and Betty in a cab with a crazy driver. When they get out, Betty loses her cool. Banner suggests a few anger management techniques.

75 – Banner and Betty meet up with Sterns. Sterns warns them of the dangers facing Banner.


What I’m saying is that if we overshoot this by even the smallest integer, we’re dealing with concentrations with extraordinary levels of toxicity.


You mean it could kill him.


Kill him? Yeah. I should say so.


You should know that there’s a flip side to this, too. If we miss on the low side, if we induce me and it fails, this will be very dangerous for you.



Look. I’ve always been more curious than cautious, and that’s served me pretty well. So, are we going to do this?


Sequence III: After another Super-Soldier procedure, Blonsky looks sickly, but wild. Banner survives Stern’s procedure. It represses the Hulk, seemingly curing him of his gamma poisoning. Later, he discovers Sterns has replicated his blood. He demands that they destroy it, but, before anything can be done, Banner is tranq’d and Ross’ men infiltrate Sterns’ lab.

76 – After his procedure, Blonsky looks sickly, but his eyes are wild. His spine grows larger and begins to push out of his back. He then suits up and joins the team as they depart.



BLONSKY sits against the wall next to a familiar face, a SOLDIER who was in the campus fight with him.


How you feeling, man?


Like a monster.

78 – With Banner secured to a table with restraints, Sterns begins the process that uses a dialysis machine to mix his blood with the antidote. Sterns delivers an electroshock to Banner and he begins to transform into the Hulk, but only in spasms.

79 – As the Hulk appears, Betty hops on top to calm him enough for Sterns to deliver the antidote into the Hulk’s bloodstream.

80 – The process seems to have worked; It takes the Hulk back to Banner in just a matter of seconds. Sterns reports back that Banner has survived without any harm.

80 – Ross’ helicopters close in on NYC.

81 – As Sterns, Betty, and Banner discuss their experiment, Sterns comments that they don’t know if they’ve simply neutralized one event or destroyed the cells, as none of the test subjects have survived. Banner sits up, stressed: What test subjects?

81 – Ross’ men take positions outside Stern’s lab with snipers are on an adjacent roof, soldiers on the ground.

The Incredible Hulk Beat Sheet End of Act Two Turn

82 – END OF ACT TWO TURN: Sterns has replicated Banner’s blood for the tests to find an antidote. There’s gallons of it.

With Ross outside, he has what he needs to replicate the Hulk.

82 – Blonsky and his team infiltrate the college.

83 – DECISION: Banner tells Sterns they must incinerate the blood, but Sterns pleads with him of the possibilities. It has the ability to cure diseases, win Sterns the Nobel Prize. Banner then informs him that the military wants to make it a weapon.

83 – When the snipers don’t have a shot, Blonsky heads for Stern’s lab. Ross orders him to stand down, but he ignores the order.

84 – A sniper finds a shot, hits Banner in the back with a tranq dart. Banner begins to pass out as Blonsky reaches them. Blonsky slaps Banner in the face, wanting a confrontation with the Hulk, but Banner does not transform. Angered, Blonsky knocks Banner out with the butt of his gun.


Sequence I: Blonsky has Sterns use Banner’s blood to turn him into the Abomination. The Abomination then takes to the streets of NYC, leaving a wake of death and destruction. Knowing that the Hulk is the best shot they have, Ross lets Banner jump out of the helicopter to trigger the transformation.

84 – Outside the college, Ross confronts Banner, who they have restrained to a stretcher, threatening to put him in jail for the rest of his life.

84 – Betty approaches Ross, tells him that she’ll never forgive him.

85 – As Sterns is questioned by Cabot, Blonsky knocks her out. Blonsky turns his gun on Sterns, demands he turn him into a creature like Banner’s.


I want what you got out of Banner. I want that.


You look like you’ve got a little something in you already, don’t you?


I want more. You’ve seen what he becomes, right?


I have. And it’s beautiful. Godlike.


Well, I want that. I need that. Make me that.


I don’t know what you’ve got inside you already. The mixture could be... an abomination.

87- On Ross’ helicopter, Banner’s handcuffed. Betty sits across from him as they leave the city.

87 – Sterns hooks up Blonsky to the machine. Blonsky begins to transform and becomes the ABOMINATION.

87 – The Abomination escapes the lab, knocking over Sterns in the process. Banner’s blood drops on the Sterns’ forehead and he has a slight transformation (tease for the Leader).

88 – The Abomination, just as large and dangerous as the Hulk, takes out the soldiers protecting the college and hits the streets of NYC.

89 – On the chopper, Ross receives a call that the Hulk is running wild in the street. Ross looks to Banner, instructs the solider to get ahold of himself, and orders the pilot back over the city.

89 – Banner, Betty, and Ross watch helmet-cam footage of the carnage on the streets.

90 – A solider fires a RPG at the Abomination, but the creature catches the rocket, squeezes it until it explodes.

91 – The Abomination chases the rocket launcher solider’s vehicle. Catching up, he screams “give me a real fight” as he slams a taxi cab on top of them.

92 – Ross orders all the military might in his power to take out the Abomination. Banner pleads that their only hope is the Hulk. Ross is hesitant, but knows Banner is right. He orders the pilot to land, but Banner tells him to stay high.

The Incredible Hulk Beat Sheet Point of No Return

92 – POINT OF NO RETURN: The back of the chopper opens up over Harlem. Betty begs Banner not to jump, as they don’t know if he’ll change or not. But Banner tells her he’s gotta try. They kiss and he falls out the back.


Sequence II: The Hulk and Abomination face off the in streets. Ross’ Sikorsky joins the fight and Abomination brings it down in an abandoned lot. There, he faces off against the Hulk, with the Hulk ultimately gaining the upper hand. With a chain wrapped around the Abomination’s neck, Betty screams at the Hulk to stop before killing him, which he does (Banner learns to control the Hulk).

93 – Banner crashes into the pavement and becomes the Hulk.

94 – The Hulk and the Abomination face off in the street. They run for each other, collide in mid-air, and the Abomination tosses the Hulk like he was a rag doll.

95 – The Hulk is dazed, but comes around. With Abomination chasing him down, Hulk breaks apart a cop car and uses each half as if they were boxing gloves. Hulk smashes Abomination into the ground, but Abomination kicks him off, sending him rocketing through buildings.

95 – Ross opens fire on Abomination and a chase ensues. Hulk spots them from the distance and joins chase.

96 – Abomination leaps for the Sikorsky. Hulk deflects the impact, but Abomination grabs hold of the chopper and the Hulk ahold of him. The chopper can’t take their weight and begins losing altitude.

97 – The Sikorsky crashes into an abandoned lot with the Hulk and Abomination. Both Betty and Ross survive the impact.

98 – As Hulk attempts to help Betty, Abomination appears atop of the crashed Sikorsky and attacks.


You don’t deserve this power! Now watch her die!

98 – Abomination jabs his protruding elbow into Hulk’s chest.

98 – The Sikorsky catches fire! Hulk subdues Abomination and smashes his hands together, sending a burst of air that extinguishes the flames.

99 – Betty and Ross are safe, but Hulk isn’t. Betty screams to warn him, but it’s too late: Hulk is hit with a chain strapped to concrete posts.

100 – Abomination swings the chains toward Betty and Ross. Just as he’s about to strike, Hulk smashes the concrete, shattering the pavement in a wave. Abomination loses his footing, and Betty and Ross are saved yet again.

The Incredible Hulk Beat Sheet Climax

101 – CLIMAX: Hulk wraps the chains around Abomination’s throat and begins to strangle him. Just as he’s about to kill him, Betty screams for him to stop… and he does.

Banner has controlled the Hulk.

102 – The Hulk kicks Abomination to Ross’ feet.

103 – In tears, Betty approaches the Hulk. Hulk wipes away the tears and says, “Betty.” Helicopter lights hit from above and the Hulk flees.


Sequence I: Banner lives in a remote cabin in the British Columbian wilderness. He meditates and his pulse rises. His pupils turn green and he smiles: He can now control the Hulk by his own free will.

104 – Overlooking the Statue of Liberty, Betty, with sadness in her eyes, regards a picture of Bruce.

105 – In a British Columbian wilderness surrounded by mountains, Banner jogs toward an isolated cabin.

105 – Banner opens a package; it’s Betty’s mother’s necklace. He puts it in an envelope addressed to her.

105 – Banner meditates. His pulse begins to rise, but he’s seemingly calm.

SUPERIMPOSE: Days without incident 31 rockets down to 0.

The Incredible Hulk Beat Sheet Closing Image

105 – CLOSING IMAGE: Banner’s eyes open, revealing GREEN PUPILS. He smiles and the screen goes BLACK.

Banner has transformed by his own free will.

105 – THE END.


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