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script reader infographic

Script Reader Infographic

I ran across an impressive screenwriting infographic this evening on Reddit. Script readers generally have some of the best advice for aspiring writers. After all, they’re the grunts of the industry; the ones slogging through mud on a daily basis.…

All Screenwriting Books are Bullshit

All Screenwriting Books are Bullshit

All screenwriting books are bullshit. All. Watch movies. Read screenplays. Let them be your guide. Brian Koppelman Professional Screenwriter Knockaround Guys, Ocean’s Thirteen, & National Treasure 3 I co-wrote a screenwriting book, so it probably doesn’t make a whole lotta…

Rain Man Script to Screen

Script to Screen: Rain Man

I’m a movie addict. Like most addicts, I over consume until the inverse relationship between appreciation and exposure becomes a bitter reality. How many times can you see the same scene and get the same high? Chinatown’s “she’s my sister…