Shot Types: Shot Subject

Who or what is being featured in the shot?

It can be a person, place, or a thing — some people calls it a noun.  The subject will follow the shot type, or it can be alone. There’s only one thing to remember: keep out the action!

From Thor by Ashley Edward Miller & Zack Stentz, and Don Payne:


Sitting atop his throne, clad in full ceremonial armor. He holds his spear GUNGNIR before him. Any trace of weakness in him is gone now. He exudes all the power and majesty of a Ruler of Asgard.

From Robocop by Edward Neumeier & Michael Miner:


open on ED 209, a robotic, seven-foot headless hunchback with arms that end in cannon muzzles.

William Robert Rich
William Robert Rich

William Robert Rich is a story analyst, screenwriter, and co-author of Story Maps: The Films of Christopher Nolan. He's currently based in Austin, Texas.

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